Javier Palomares

Hi there! I'm a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin working on my MS in Software Engineering. This is my digital home where I'll jot down my experience through this journey


About Me

I was raised in the border town of El Paso, TX, where I was fortunate to meet wonderful instructors at Parkland High School who pushed my curiosity and helped me to develop as a student. To them I am ever grateful.

I proceeded to study math and physics at Stanford University, with a with a healthy bit of seduction from computer science along the way. Since then I have worked in industry and am currently in a master's program at the University of Texas at Austin where I desire to expand my skillset as a software developer.



I have 3 years experience building software applications in Java prior to starting my master's program. I currently enjoy putting to practice the skills I learn in the classroom.



Software Engineer at Home Depot

June 2018 to Present

Software Developer at Comcast
April 2015 to May 2018

Multi-Disciplined Engineer at Raytheon
June 2013 to April 2015

Down For The Count Co-Founder
August 2014 to present

Intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory
June 2012 to September 2012



M.S. Software Engineering
University of Texas-Austin
Spring 2018 to present

B.S. Physics
Fall 2009 to Spring 2013



Checkout my various projects on Github here



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